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Denshinkan are happy to host a Gasshuku for 2016.

The planned program is to have 3 keiko each day for 3 days.

Ryutaro Tanaka, 5th Dan and GB team assistant coach will be our lead teacher for the event.

The Gasshuku is planned as a training camp rather than a seminar and is to get as many people together for practice with each other and learning together than to start teaching everyone something different or new.

Provisional timetable for the Gasshuku:

Friday 2nd September:

8am - 10am

1:30pm - 3:30pm

7pm - 9pm

Saturday 3rd September:

7:30am - 9:30am

12:30 - Lecture from guest speaker

1pm - 3pm

5pm - 7pm

Sunday 4th September:

7:30am - 9:30am

12:30 - Lecture from guest speaker

1pm - 3pm

3pm - 5pm - BKA grading to Ikkyu

5pm - 7pm

These times are subject to change and any updates will be posted ASAP

We are implementing an application and payment in advance process for the Gasshuku to keep everything simple and allow us to avoid the hassle of taking fees during the Gasshuku itself.

If you wish to attend:

Please can you send an email to with the following details:

Years practiced:
Which days and/or keiko of the Gasshuku you will attend - e.g all Gasshuku or Saturday afternoon and evening and all Sunday.

If you are taking part in the grading
- and whether you will be doing the open grading (see below for more info) or the BKA ikkyu grading.

If you will be attending the evening meal - held at the Happy Gathering restaurant (provisional depending on numbers!) the same restaurant as the Honda Sensei seminar.

(We recommend the open grading for members who have not long started or for those who are not yet eligible to take ikkyu under the BKA rules).


The final cost is £4 per keiko, or £10 for one whole day or £25 for the full Gasshuku.

For payment information, please contact James Ogles at:

If you require accommodation, please visit this link (this is to be booked separately) :

Use the promotional code Kendo16 and book at Cyncoed Campus.

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